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Fiber Binge!

I went on a dyeing binge yesterday, since I got 12 lbs of wool in the mail and 2 lbs of fiber the day before.

Here is what I made!

Peeps, 4 oz of Austrailian merino handdyed

Spring Fling, 4 oz of Romney wool handdyed

Ocean Depths, 4 oz of Falkland wool, handdyed

Spring Fling Revisited, 4 oz of merino/tencel blend

All together in their fibery goodness!

I also tried my hand at dyeing silk hankies for the first time.

They all turned out so nice and I cannot wait to spin them! I have found that I am in love with the merino/tencel blend and the Australian merino, it is just luscious!


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We have been having work done around our house for the past two weeks and finally it will be mostly done tomorrow. Just in time for me to host Easter dinner for 10 on Sunday. Yikes! Lots of painting, some new lights, texturing, etc. The landscaping starts next week and it should be wonderful. Brian just bought an arbor for over our front walkway and wisteria will be growing on it come next summer hopefully!

This has been very stressful as you can imagine and so we decided to treat ourselves to a 5 day trip to the Florida Keys. We have never been and are very excited. We leave on May 7th, so it will be a birthday/anniversary gift for me. We are driving down and are looking forward to that, since we haven’t been in South Florida before.

Check out the place we are staying!!!!!!!!!!!

It is the Ocean Key Resort & Spa. http://www.oceankey.com

It is located at Zero Duval street and literally across from Mallory Square. We have a junior suite with a partial ocean view (which is fine by us since we can see it here). We are right in the middle of it all!!! I cannot wait!!!!

As for spinning news, not much going on, but I am dyeing a TON of fiber as we speak. I got 12 LBS from RH Lindsay today, yes I am nuts. 4 different types and now I can try them all out, although I am pretty sure I know which ones I like best (of course the pricier ones).

I am supposed to be meeting up with some gals from the STR Club tomorrow at B&N in Tampa, but with my kitchen still being worked on, I might not be able to. I am going to have to go to my dad’s tomorrow to make the eggs and potato casserole as it is. *sigh* Hopefully they will be meeting up again soon!

Off to dye more fiber, woohoo!

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Coral Reef

Coral Reef, originally uploaded by mandalinn.
Coral Reef close-up

This is 152 yards of plied superwash merino, handdyed and handspun by me. I was disappointed with the way the roving looked, but it made beautiful yarn. It is a worsted weight and I will be making a pair of wristwarmers from it.

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