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Well the title basically says it all. I am just in a little funk today. Still not pregnant and possibly giving up and going back to adoption again. I kind of want to go through the fertility testing, but good ole hubby is second guessing it. My mom says it is a “masculinity” thing, but it still bugs me. I love the man to death, but geeze, doesn’t he realize how hard this is on me? My testing will be much harder than his. Geeze a little porn and a cup, how hard is it? 😉

For me it is so simple, pick one and lets get a baby. I have such a longing and I don’t know how long it will last. It took me 31 years to get to the point where I feel 100% ready and now it isn’t happening and we don’t know what to do next. I just wish infertility was covered by insurance and then the choice would be easy. But we have to ponder whether to pay out the nose for all the testing and possibly find out that there is no way for us to get pregnant and then have wasted it when we could’ve just spent it on an adoption. Or we could find out it is something simple.

Oh why oh why can’t life be easy. Oh wait, then it wouldn’t be life, I know.

Part of the reason why it is so hard too is that I really don’t have a friend here. You know just a girlfriend to go out with and chat with and shop with. I have tons of family and a few friends, but not a good girlfriend. Not working a ‘real’ job does that to you. I miss my other friends across the country so much.

Maybe I need to adjust my meds, who knows. LOL! The darn panic disorder does funky things sometimes. But I am not afraid to talk about it and figure out my problems, so that is a good change.

Another thing that is making me pissy is two bobbins full of a cool microblend of superwash merino and sari silk threads all spun up but it will not ply, it keeps breaking and I am wasting so much of it. I am ready to just take it all off and throw it away to free up my bobbins. ARGH!

Alrighty, now that everyone thinks I am nuts I am going to head to bed. It just started pouring here, that makes for good sleeping for me. Hopefully I can wake up with a renewed sense of life and tackle my issues head on.


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Mango Chic Handspun Bamboo Yarn, originally uploaded by mandalinn.

This is 230 yards of silky smooth bamboo yarn, 3.0 ounces….thick & thin (fingerling to sport weight) with chunks of holographic angelina. Roving was from HollyEQQ.

It is for sale in my new Etsy shop. I wonder if I will keep it there for long though, I love it so much. 🙂

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New Handspun!!!!

FINALLY I am posting to my blog……it has been way too long, but I am back in the swing of things and spinning my heart out. I am also dealing with fertility issues still, but more on that later. Here is my latest handspun!!!!

Fairy Wings is 160 yards, 4oz of plied handspun. It is a 60% merino, 30% BFL, 10% silk blend and simply fantastic.

This one is Tulips; 158 yards, 4oz of blue faced leceister from Spunky Eclectic handspun by me.

This one is Sea Treasure; 100 yards and 4oz of an alpaca, merino, silk & glitz blend with recycled sari silk & commercial yarn bits. Roving was from Loop on Etsy. A bit overspun, but not yet washed out.

This one is Ocean Dreams; 350 yards and 4 oz. Handdyed and handspun Falkland wool.

Kaleidoscope; Top skein is 138 yards; 2.2 oz, bottom is 140 yards; 2.8 oz.. This is a Corriedale, Romedale & Romney wool blend with silk noil from Crosspatch Creations, handspun by me.

Surprise; 138 yards and 4 oz. This is an alpaca, silk and wool blend with lots of glitz from Loop on Etsy.

Spring Fling Revisited; This is 314 yards and 4oz of handdyed & handspun 50/50 merino/tencel blend, there is a photo of the roving I dyed down a bit.

Signature; 80 yards and 4oz, super bulky, double plied. Blue faced leceister from Spunky Eclectic.

Here are 2 new dyed rovings as well:

Technicolor Vision; 4.1 oz of Australian merino, handdyed.

Bruised Ego; 4.0 oz of Falkland wool, handdyed.

Thanks for taking a peek and let me know what you think. 🙂 I hope to get back into blogging at least once a week, hoping anyway. 😉

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