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My littlest peanut, Sasha was just diagonosed with Cushing’s Disease and is starting on Lysodren today, which is basically a chemotherapy drug that destroys adrenal gland cells.  The problem is that it can destroy too many cells and send her into the opposite which is Addison’s Disease.  I am very overwhelmed and just don’t know what to do right now.  The pills are about $5-7 a piece too and she will probably need to be on them for life, every 3 days or so.  Another possible issue is that it could be an adrenal tumor, but I will not even do the testing for that, the surgery is too risky for an 11, almost 12 year old dog.

 I would appreciate it if you could keep Sasha in your prayers.


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This little cutie ended up in my garage on Sunday.  We of course took her in and set her up in the garage.  My first thought was there is no way that I can have a kitten.  I have two psycho dogs and not to mention allergies to cats.  But she is still here, not a sneeze yet.  The dogs do not like her and one was trying to bite her and she was biting back, but I think over time they might be okay.  My dad & stepmom are allergic, but I think they might be able to deal with one cat in this huge house.  Somehow she now has a collar, toys, food and a litterbox and a name….Bella.   We do have word out for our friends/family to see if anyone would like to take her home, but who knows.  I think I am crazy, really!  ARGH!!!  😉

My swap partner received her package, so I can show the yarn I spun finally.  Here it is:

Jade Dreams
500 yards of 2-ply superwash merino
Light fingering weight
Handspun & dyed

I am really pleased with how it came out and I hope she is too.  It was a lot of work, but worth it.

I haven’t gotten the dyeing done that I was hopeing for, but I did card up some of the awesome Coopworth locks that I got from Frene Creek Farms today.  It will probably become socks, but we shall see.

Bliss Batts

Well off to card up the rest and maybe get some spinning done.  I finally have my energy back for the most part, which is good.  🙂

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First off, thank you so much for all the well wishes, emails, etc.  It means so much to me.  I went to my family doctor yesterday and all is looking well.  He says I still need to take it easy and that it will be a few weeks before I am 100%, but I should be fine.  In 6 weeks  I will go in for a lung function test and follow up, but he doesn’t expect any issues.  So with that out of the way, I am starting to get back to normal around here.  And my swap package is in the mail, I cannot wait until she gets it.  I can’t wait to share photos and I hope she likes it as much as I do.  🙂

 I just had UPS drop off a box with FIFTEEN pounds of wool at my door, the undyed is back in my shop and I hope to get some dyepots going here either later today or tomorrow.  I am also finishing up a gorgeous skein of merino/colonial/tencel in shocking pinks, blues & shiny white….I know not exactly a fall color, but it is gorgeous!

Here is the latest skein up in the shop, perfect for this time of year:

Sangria—206 yards of merino/colonial/tencel.  Thick & Thin, perfect for a hat, scarf, small bag.

Well off to hopefully get the dyepots going and maybe some cleaning done; the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow for my big Thanksgiving cleaning, so you know I have to clean before she comes, LOL!

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It turns out that it wasn’t a relapse, but a lung infection/bronchitis that caused tachycardia (fast heartrate) and the breathing issues.  I was admitted at about 3 am Saturday morning and just got out today.  I am feeling okay, just tired and a bit weak.  I am going to rest a few days and hope to make a quick recovery.  The doctor that I had there was not the best and I had to go over his head to get my Paxil, he thought it was contributing to my tachycardia, but both the cardiologist and my family doctor (who I called, he doesn’t practice there) said that isn’t the case and it was just the infection I was fighting.  So now I am on an antibiotic, steroids and albueterol for a bit.   I am glad that I spoke up and didn’t just do what the doctor thought, because I think that would’ve caused more issues.  He wasn’t happy about it, but I will never see him again.

So I am off to shower and lay in MY BED!  LOL!  Hoping to be back around more in the next few days. 

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I have been working on a yarn for a swap for a long time now and it is finally finished and I am so happy with it and hope my partner will be too.  It is some of my best spinning ever.  All I can share is that it is 500 yards of light sockweight and simply stunning. 

It is for the handspun swap on Craftster, where your partner chooses what type of pattern he/she would like yarn for and then you spin it for them and send it with that type of pattern.  She wanted socks and only asked for sportweight because it takes so long, but I decided to go for fingering weight and did it!  Dyed the fiber, spun it to fingering weight and now just have to set it and get the extra goodies ready.  It took quite some time (more than I expected because of being sick), but the end results were sooooo worth it. 

Speaking of being sick, I was finally feeling 100% on Wednesday and Thursday, even went to the new uniform unveiling yesterday evening for the Tampa Bay Rays and was only 8 rows away from KEVIN COSTNER as he performed with his band (yeah I didn’t know he sang either). 

It was a great night, but I woke up this morning literally gasping for breath.  I at first just thought it was a panic attack, but we quickly realized that it was more than that.  I don’t know if it is a relapse of the flu or what.  This is much different than what I had and I get short of breath just walking up one flight of stairs.  If it isn’t better at all by tomorrow I will head out to the clinic (why do these things have to happen over the weekend?).  Hopefully it is just because I pushed myself a bit too much.

So again, back to bed for me, hopefully not for too much longer.

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Well it has officially been over a year since we started trying to get pregnant and nothing, nada, zilch.  Not even a hint of a line.  Honestly this has been the hardest thing my husband and I have ever done and it has not been easy on our relationship.

So, we are taking a break.  No testing, no adoption meetings, nothing.  It isn’t really what I would choose, but I totally understand and respect my dh with everything I have.  There is still a part of me that is screaming….YOU ARE GETTING OLDER and that the clock is quickly ticking by.  But, I know this is the best move for now.  I just wish that it could have been easy, but it seems it isn’t for a lot of people.  It is hard not to be sad though.

So moving on……..

I am finally starting to feel better from this nasty flu I got, it has been almost a week and I am tired of being sick.  It has been making the rounds in our family and lasts a good week or two and lingers longer than that with the cough and congestion.  Blech.  I am definitely going to get my flu shot this week, don’t want to tempt fate.

So obviously with being sick I haven’t gotten any dyeing or much spinning done.  Just trying to finish up my swap yarn, it is taking forever but I am loving how it is coming out.  It is some of the best spinning I have done to date.

I hope to get the dyepots up and running by the end of the week.  Same with getting my photos updated from my trip to Disney.   I just have little energy right now.

Ooooh one quick addition, I did make it to the Bucs game on Sunday.  It was an early Christmas present from Brian (my dh), he is such a sweetie.  He splurged and got us club seats.  It was fun and I loved being there, but we both agree that we like it better at home.  We are such fuddy duddies.  LOL!  You should see the tan lines we got, wowza.  That is the only thing that kept me alive during the game, the brutal sun! 

Oh and I was a naughty girl and finally used my 10% coupon at Blue Moon Fiber Arts last night, I ordered coughcougheightskeinsandasheep2shoekitcoughcough.  The new Raven series is to DIE for.  I got one skein in Octobers sock club and fell in love and knew I needed more.  I will now have 4 all together.  I decided to not rejoin the club.  I enjoyed it, but the price is a bit much for what you get and I prefer to pick out what I want.  So I placed that order, spent less and got way more minus patterns, which is fine by me.  🙂

So now I am going to try to sleep some more, without coughing up my lungs.  😉

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It was a great trip, but I ended up getting the flu yesterday after we got home.  I am as sick as a dog.  So it will be a bit for updates and such.  Off to bed again.  Orders are being packed up and will be shipped tomorrow though.  Thanks to my lovely husband.  🙂

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