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Depression sucks…….

Well I finally have to suck it up and admit that depression has once again gotten a hold on me.  I know that I just need to pick myself up and dust myself off and MAKE a change, but it is not easy and I just don’t have the energy.  I just don’t care at this point.  Nothing to really worry about, just tired and more tired.  Maybe a few days away with my husband would help, but we are booked for the whole month of March pretty much, grandma/her boyfriend in the first two weeks and then my brother’s friend & his girlfriend in the last week and the holiday in there too and my brother’s & niece’s birthday.

I did get my desk cleared off today and my spinning room reorganized and cleaned up, that helps a bit.  My new Strauch’s Finest drum card ROCKS btw, totally worth every penny.  You can see some of my new batts in my Etsy Shop!

I think part of it is just being sick of the sun going down so early and the funky weather here.  One day it is cold, the next it is hot.  Blech.  Hopefully I can get motivated and snap out of it.  I need to work on eating better too, I am sure that will help.


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