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I once again have been a bad blogger and need to get better about it.  This month has just been insane with guests in 24 out of the 30 days (some are here now).   I will try to make some more time for this and the shop soon.

I do need good thoughts/prayers/vibes whatever you do for our little girl, Sasha.  She is the one that was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease and has actually done well with it so far, but she is now very ill.  Nala our other minpin got sick last week and now it has hit Sasha hard and she isn’t eating, shaking, has a fever and is just not doing well at all.  Nala seems to be much better though, so that is good.  Sasha is at the vet right now with Brian and I am hoping it is just a little bug and they can give her something for the diarreha since it is constant and quite bad (sorry for the TMI).  Thank you all.


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