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`I have gotten 2 skeins done so far for the Tour de Fleece 2009!

One is a gorgeous navajo plied skein of Merino/silk from EGMTK, 138 yards of sport to light worsted:

Then this is what I finished today for my day 4 progress, my first yarn for the Breakaway (art yarn) category! It is 98 yards of handspun & hand dyed merino & domestic wool, spun up thick & thin and then plied with a silver thread with silver sequins with beehives & coils! I am so very happy with this yarn!! It is named Festivale!

This past Sunday I had Gnat and her pups, JackJack & Abigail over for a great day of swimming, BBQ & knitting. It was a GORGEOUS day here in FL and was so nice being with friends and watching the silly dogs go crazy in my pool! They just adore swimming. My Nala hid out inside most of the day, she thought they were crazy! LOL!

Here are a few photos of Abby (the golden) & Jack (the black lab)!

That is it for today. Things were going great, I got my nails done, got the spinning done and then we were going to go see the Hangover, but then I just got super tired and didn’t want to deal. Which is a good thing, considering that our garage door spring broke and now hubby’s truck is stuck in the garage. ARGH! Just what we need, another bill to pay. Hopefully it won’t be outrageous. The real estate market here in FL still hasn’t picked up and no money coming in is starting to get old.


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Today is the first day of the Tour de Fleece! We spin everyday the riders ride in the Tour de France. It is a great way to keep motivated and get lots of great spinning done! I have been prepping fiber for the last few weeks, getting ready for my “ride”. Today I am working on a Merino/Silk blend from EGMTK! I will post photos as it goes on!

I have joined the Team Furbaby Mommas that Gnat set up and I am also in the Rookies & Breakaways group. Rookies is for first time spinners of the Tour and Breakaways is for doing an art yarn during the tour. 🙂

Also I am offering 15% off all dyed fibers & batts in my Etsy shop while the tour is riding. Just enter “Tour de Fleece” in the comments and I will either send you an updated bill or refund via Paypal. 🙂 Undyed fibers & handspuns not included.


Here is my Day 1 progress!

It is a 60/40 Merino-Silk blend from Ewe Give Me The Knits, her blends ROCK! Didn’t get much done, but at least some was. I expect to spin more tomorrow. Gnat & her puppies are coming over to swim!

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