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So AF reared her ugly head early yesterday and boy is she raging. I think my body is extremely mad at all the drugs, poking & prodding that took place the month before. Ugh. I knew it was over, so I was happy for it to finally end. I was ready to move on.

As of now we are sticking with the same protocol, since I responded well to my dosage of Clomid, although they are doing an earlier ultrasound to keep an eye on my lining, since it was thin last time. I might have to take supplements, but we shall see. I ordered all my meds and went to pick them up today and of course Walgreens STILL didn’t order the Ovidrel. I had this issue last month…..my insurance denies it, so they don’t order it. Hello???!!! It is a fertility drug, of course they are going to deny it. So I tell them once again to please order it, I will pay the cash price and I get the run around. But they say it will be in tomorrow, we shall see…..

I also ask them if they can take my empty syringe from last month, nope no sharps box there. I think I am going to drop it off at the vet, lol….they know me well enough and I know they have one. 🙂

So I start Clomid again on Saturday, for five days and then go in next Friday for an ultrasound to see how things are progressing and we move on from there. Here’s hoping this is our cycle. 🙂


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Well this cycle still isn’t over. My temps have dropped the last few days but not below the coverline. Still really no symptoms one way or the other. And still stark white negative pregnancy tests. So I guess it is one of two things that have happened. One, the Clomid has seriously messed up my cycle….I am 16dpo, I have never in my life gone past a 14 day luteal phase and add in that Clomid delayed ovulation you get the longest cycle ever for me. I am on day 31, usually I have 26 day cycles.

The second possibility is that I have some sort of functioning cyst….follicular or luteal. This is the one I am hoping that it isn’t. Cyst can go away on their own, rupture and cause damage, need surgery, etc. I am having some pain in my lower back on the side where all the follicles are, so it is a possibility…..especially since Clomid can cause cysts. But, I am hoping not.

I guess there is a third possibility and that is that I am pregnant, but at this stage I am thinking that is a very slim chance.

I am going to call my RE tomorrow and tell them everything that is going on, I am assuming they will want me to come in for bloodwork and an u/s, so we should know more soon.

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Negative. It really isn’t much of a surprise since I have been testing early and often (maybe goes back to my Chicago roots, haha). But it still hurts a lot. We had such high hopes that this cycle would work. But, it didn’t and now I am just ready to move on.

We just have to wait for AF to show so I can call and schedule my monitoring appointments and order my meds. I am really hoping she shows before tonight…my best friend is coming over and bringing me Ben & Jerry’s and I think a little wine would go nicely with that. LOL!

I think we are going to go with the same meds this next round, but if it doesn’t work again I am going to push for moving on up to injectables. Here’s hoping my lining will be a bit better this time. I am going to possibly do some supplements to help out with that.

Thanks for all the support through this first IUI cycle, it helped a lot and at least now we know what to expect.

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Brian and I finally tied the knot. We have been together for a long time….almost 17 years and have had many ups and downs, triumphs and defeats. But through it all we have held each other up, laughed, joked and wiped each other’s tears. We are having kind of low key day for our anniversary. Since we are doing the fertility treatments we decided on no gifts and just a quiet dinner out.

Here is my favorite photo from our wedding! It was such an amazing day.


We were hoping for a different type of anniversary present, a positive pregnancy test. I am now 12 days past my IUI and chances are pretty high that if I was pregnant a test would be positive today. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Now it could be too soon, the doctor told me to test on Friday, so I guess there is still a chance. Sadly though I am having symptoms of my cycle coming to an end, so it is doubtful.

I was sad, but resolved to try again. I am going to contact the clinic shortly and talk about possibly changing up my meds for this next round. Since my lining was on the thin side, I am concerned that it might make it harder for an embryo to implant. Mine was 6.5 mm the day before the trigger, most RE’s like to see it 8 or over. Clomid is notorious for thinning one’s lining, so I might see about supplements or even possibly using injectables this time around. We shall see what they suggest and when I know the timeline I will be sure to update. 🙂

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IUI #1 update!

So here is all the news on our first IUI cycle. On Wednesday the 8th I took the trigger shot at 9:30 pm, it really didn’t hurt much at all and Brian did a wonderful job administering it. I think it was harder on him than me. 🙂 All was fine until about 2:30 am when I woke up with the WORST nausea ever. I never get nauseous I hate throwing up, dread it and will do anything to avoid it. I fought it all day on Thursday and also major fatigue. It makes sense, since the trigger shot is hCG, the hormone your body produces when you are pregnant. Man, I hope that isn’t a taste of what will happen if I really do end up pregnant.

So then we went in to the clinic on Friday morning, we had to be there 1 hour before the procedure so they could take the vial out of the freezer. You have to physically be on site before they will do it because it is only viable for a short period of time and they don’t want to waste it….and rightly so, it is expensive. LOL! So we played games on my iPad and waited and waited and waited. Finally it was time and Brian got to go back with me this time. The doctor came in and talked with us a bit and checked out my “lucky charms” and loved them to bits. Then we got down to business. The whole procedure is almost exactly like the HSG test, but not so much pressure. You get into the stirrups, they insert a speculum and then the catheter into your cervix and inject the sperm directly into your uterine cavity. Over and done with in about 5 minutes. Then they have you put your feet up on the table and lay flat for about 10 minutes. After that you are on your way. No special instructions, except for normal TTC stuff, no drinking, no heavy lifting, no getting overheated, etc.

I had some pretty bad cramping the rest of the day and I was still fatigued from the trigger shot and bloated from the Clomid. My mom came over that day and we had a movie day on the couch, it was perfect. Unfortunately the next day I had one of the worst migraines EVER, who knows what caused it, but man it was rough.

So here I am now, on CD20 and 5 days passed the IUI, feeling much better today, getting my energy back, although I have been taking a nap everyday. I am sitting awake each night driving myself nuts with every little twinge and pain, but am trying to stay optimistic. I know that chances are that it won’t work the first time, but it can as well. It is a very hard place to be and it is hard to know what to feel exactly.

So now we wait…..I was given direction from the doctor to take a home pregnancy test on the 24th and call in with the results. If it is positive they will set up a blood draw to get my beta and if it is negative, we just wait for my period to start and then we do the same thing all over again. Clomid + U/S + trigger shot + IUI.

Fingers crossed!

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I went in this morning for my first ultrasound to see how my body responded to the Clomid. Turns out, that it was responding perfectly. I have 2 nice sized follicles at 16mm and 2 other smaller ones. 🙂 So the plan is that I take my trigger shot (Ovidrel) tomorrow night and then the IUI is scheduled at 9:30 on Friday morning. 🙂 We have to be there an hour early because they won’t take our donor sperm out of the tank until we are physically in the office due to liability issues.

So we are almost there! Ack!!! LOL!

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So here we are, 2 years after my last post and I have decided to start this blog again. A lot is going on in our lives now and I need an outlet to put it all on and thought this would work.

Onto our news….still spinning and knitting up a storm. Also weaving now. I am renting a 4 harness Harrisville Loom from the Pinellas Weaver’s Guild and I have a 24″ Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom as well. I love the harp and I am still learning on the floor loom. Having some tension issues, but I am getting there.

And the BIG news. Brian and I have decided to move forward with fertility treatments. We had new workups done and found out that unfortunately that Brian now has azoospermia, which basically means that his body doesn’t produce any sperm anymore. He had a follow up with a urologist and is having some testing done. But they think it is due to the amount of surgery he had as a child and/or he was born with low numbers or malfunctioning issues. My testing all came back okay as of now, so there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to get pregnant.

While this was about as bad of news as we could get, we have decided to move forward. Brian flat out said, okay we will use donor sperm and do an d-IUI (donor intrauterine insemination), without missing a beat. He is such an amazing person and wants a child so badly. His reasoning is, we were going to adopt anyway, at least this way we both can experience a pregnancy together. I am such a lucky girl.

So we checked out donors and did our research and agonized for days over how to even begin to pick. We poured over the websites, read all the details, talked to others who have gone this route, looked on message boards. It was a time filled with a bit of crying, but lots of laughs. Angela was there to help me through all of it and is the best friend anyone can ask for. And of course my knitting group & weaving guild are a HUGE support too. 🙂

So we picked a donor and ordered 4 vials of sperm and had them sent to our clinic….shipping alone was a mind boggling expense and then the package weighed TWENTY TWO POUNDS!!! It is due to them being sent in liquid nitrogen canisters, but of course the jokes about the weight of sperm haven’t ended yet.

So on May 31st I started on Clomid and I take my last set of pills for that tonight. This drug helps my body to produce nice, big eggs for the d-IUI procedure. I then go into the clinic on Tuesday for my first ultrasound to make sure that the follicles are forming, see where they are, how many there are, etc. If all is going well they will either give me my trigger shot then or have me come in a few days later for another u/s. So if they are ready, I get an Ovidrel shot (in my stomach, ick) which is hcG, the hormone your body produces while you are pregnant. That makes your body ovulated within 36 hours of administering the shot. Then I will come in the next day or day after and have the d-IUI procedure done.

And then the infamous two week wait begins….I go in two weeks after the procedure is done for a blood test to see if I am pregnant or not.

So that is where we are! A lot going on, but all very exciting. I am going to try to update this blog as this journey continues. Along with all my normal knitting & spinning stuff too. 🙂

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