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So this cycle is also a bust and ended super early, instead of late like last time. I think the timing of this IUI was messed up…I am pretty sure I ovulated the day I got my trigger shot. So there was really no chance. But who knows for sure.

I called the clinic and am changing my protocol for this new cycle. I will be taking 5mg of Femara instead of the Clomid. It is a drug for postmenopausal women with breast cancer actually. But it has an off label use for infertility and I hear less side effects as well. Brian will be pleased. Best thing is that it is actually covered by insurance! You gotta smile at the small stuff.

This will be our last IUI before moving onto IVF, so we are hoping it will be lucky #3. IVF is not only expensive, but very hard on your body. The egg retrieval is a surgical procedure and bed rest is required after the transfer. And the meds….you take huge amounts. So fingers crossed that we don’t have to go that route.

My first monitoring ultrasound is August 3rd,so we will see how I respond to the new med and go from there.

I will be updating with actual knitting stuff in the next day or so as well….lots to share!


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