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I haven’t updated here like I said I would. The last few weeks have been a bit of overload on me. But here is a quick rundown. I went in on 8/3 for my first ultrasound for IUI cycle #3 to see how I responded to the Femara. I was very lucky and got no side effects from it at all and was a bit worried that maybe it wasn’t working because of that. But low and behold I had not one, not two but THREE great follicles. Sizes were 24mm, 19mm and 17mm! So I was ready, like as in go home and immediately take your Ovidrel injection and come back the next day for the IUI.

It was a whirlwind and I really had no time to think. I had to put things on hold, miss knit night again and just go. So I went in the next day for the IUI and the counts were great for the sperm: 36 million with 72% motility. Not bad for frozen. :):):) The doctor was very pleased and told me not to make him look bad and come back with a positive pregnancy test. Yeah, thanks Dr. S. LOL!

So while I checked out I did the unthinkable and jinxed myself by setting up an IVF consultation with Dr. Z on the 30th. The only reason why is because I really feel that we need to plan ahead….cycles come and go so quickly and we only want to take a month off, plus the month we will need to be on birth control (and hopefully no more) before we start IVF. And we can always cancel and hopefully I will be pregnant and we can!

So I am 4 days past the IUI today and 5 days past the trigger. I am actually feeling kind of awful, this whole week has been one emotional mess. Including lots of tears, fighting, hanging up on people, etc. I guess it is a response to the Ovidrel but it hasn’t been fun. I am trying to be more positive and move on starting today. I cleared off my sewing table and plan on working on some of the sad projects that have been sitting there for years, gathering dust. I am also knitting and hopefully spinning. And last but not least, I am teaching a class on dyeing in October, today I ordered the supplies and just need to get my notes together and come up with some worksheets. Looking forward to it, but nervous, I am always like that about speaking in public.

So my test date is officially 8/18/11, but I will probably test on 8/16. Fingers crossed, wish me luck!!!!


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