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It is onto IVF for us…..

Well our last IUI sadly didn’t work. So we had our consult and have made the decision to go forward with IVF. IVF is a much more invasive process and takes longer. It is about six weeks from beginning to end for the type of protocol we are using. I will be on what they call the long Lupron protocol.

Right now this is where we stand….I am waiting for AF to show. I call the clinic on that day, then we go in on cycle day 2-4 for bloodwork for both, an u/s for me and a s/a for dh. I also start on birth control pills that day. Seems odd doesn’t it? But it helps to “surpress” the ovaries for a while so they aren’t overworked before the other procedures.

A week after that I have to go in for a saline sonogram to make sure that my uterus is clear of fibroids/polyps/endo. As long as that is good then we are all set to start the big guns.

On cycle day 21 I start Lupron which will shut down the pituitary gland from affecting my ovaries. Then I wait for AF to show again and the I start my stimulation meds….no clomid or Femara this time, all injectibles all the time. There are a few other meds in there too like antibiotics, baby aspirin, Ganirelix which makes sure your follicles don’t mature too fast and so on.

Then I go in every other day for u/s and bloodwork until my follicles are ready, then we trigger and I go in for the egg retrieval. It is a small surgical procedure done under IV sedation. I am actually most nervous about this as I have never had any type of surgery done. I know I will just sleep through it, but I am nervous. So hopefully we will get 5-12 eggs from the retrieval. Then they put them in with the sperm and wait for fertilization.

After three days they will pick three embryos to implant (the rest will be grown out to blasts and frozen) and will do that via a catheter. It is very similar to the IUI procedure. I will then be on two days of bed rest and then have a blood test eleven days after that.

The doctor said for my age this raises me from a 10-15% chance to a 45-50% chance. I like those odds. So as this goes on I will update and explain things in a bit more detail. It really is a fascinating process, especially when you get into frozen embreyos and transfers.

Thanks so much for all the support through all of this, I couldnt do it with out my friends irl and online. 🙂


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