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I once again have been a bad blogger and need to get better about it.  This month has just been insane with guests in 24 out of the 30 days (some are here now).   I will try to make some more time for this and the shop soon.

I do need good thoughts/prayers/vibes whatever you do for our little girl, Sasha.  She is the one that was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease and has actually done well with it so far, but she is now very ill.  Nala our other minpin got sick last week and now it has hit Sasha hard and she isn’t eating, shaking, has a fever and is just not doing well at all.  Nala seems to be much better though, so that is good.  Sasha is at the vet right now with Brian and I am hoping it is just a little bug and they can give her something for the diarreha since it is constant and quite bad (sorry for the TMI).  Thank you all.


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Today I had my first shop update in a long time, 4 new rovings and much more to come.  Including some locks that are dyeing right now!  Here are the new fuzzies!

Sugalite–6 oz of hand-dyed merino roving in purples and blues.

Amaranth–3.8 oz of hand-dyed Falklands roving in purples and fuschia.


Frogger—4 oz of hand-dyed Falklands roving in shades of green. 


Mali–roving in shades of green, blue, purple and fuschia.

 Much more to come in the following days and weeks, including art yarn kits, Valentine’s Day batts and other specials!

On to my good news……the dogs and kitty are finally getting along.  We all actually slept in the same bed for the first time since Bella joined our family.  Last night we didn’t, but that is only because Bella kept swatting at Sasha trying to get her to play, but it hurts because of her claws.  I have the SoftPaws sitting here and they will be put on at the vet’s next week, so that should help.  But no more segregated house for us!  Woohoo!  Bella chases them around and just wants to play now.  It makes me feel like we definitely did the right thing by taking her in.  I couldn’t imagine life without her!

Next week I go in for my lung function test, so we shall see if I finally am better and if I get a diagnosis of asthma or not.  Hopefully I can at least get some good allergy meds, since I have been suffering lately.  I am just glad that life is evening out around here.

Best of all our SnB group that meets every Wednesday at Panera by Tyrone Mall from 6:30-9:30pm is going great, I have finally made some awesome friends down here and look forward to it every week.  Come and join us if you like! 

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From Nala:


and Bella-boo:

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I have been kind of MIA lately, just busy healing up still, getting ready for Christmas and dealing with our new kitty and Sasha’s Cushings. We are hosting Christmas as well, so I have been busy preparing for that. I can’t wait, prime rib, roasted potatoes, yummy creamed spinach, corn casserole, salad, homemade cookies and fudge! What more can you ask for??? I am also going to try out the Pioneer Woman Cooks Olive Bread as an appetizer, it looks fab!

Sasha is holding her own, she has to urinate several times every night, so poor Brian has been sleeping on the couch with the dogs and I am upstairs with the kitten. It is kind of rough, but the best we can do right now. We might try those weewee pads later for her. It is just sad, she has gone downhill so quickly. She still has energy and whatnot, but I can see a big change.

And now our older dog Nala is showing aging signs, she no longer wakes up immediately when we come home, she sleeps like the dead. I am hoping it is just her hearing (she is almost 13), but I am not sure. I know they are old and we have been lucky, but it isn’t easy to deal with, especially this time of year.

10 years ago on Saturday is when we lost Brian’s mom and dad in a plane crash, along with 2 neighbors. They were coming back from Florida to their airport community home in Illinois and encountered icing and went down about 3 miles from home. It was the hardest time in our lives and we will never get over it I am sure. That is partially why Sasha being sick is so hard on us, she was their puppy originally. Clyde & Chris you are forever missed.

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Just got off the phone with the vet and the medication made no change at all.  She will be speaking with the internist and we will see what other options there are, but we will probably just be discontinuing all treatments at this point and see what happens.  She isn’t in pain and you wouldn’t know she was sick from looking at her.  I am just worried about liver failure and other things.  I can’t even begin to express how I feel right now.  When it rains it pours I guess.  Off to snuggle my poor Sasha.

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My littlest peanut, Sasha was just diagonosed with Cushing’s Disease and is starting on Lysodren today, which is basically a chemotherapy drug that destroys adrenal gland cells.  The problem is that it can destroy too many cells and send her into the opposite which is Addison’s Disease.  I am very overwhelmed and just don’t know what to do right now.  The pills are about $5-7 a piece too and she will probably need to be on them for life, every 3 days or so.  Another possible issue is that it could be an adrenal tumor, but I will not even do the testing for that, the surgery is too risky for an 11, almost 12 year old dog.

 I would appreciate it if you could keep Sasha in your prayers.

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