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So, I have never been good at following “rules” and of course the whole no testing rule is one that I could not follow at all. I got my first ever real positive HPT on 11/4! That would put me at 11 days past ovulation if this was a “normal” cycle.

The clinic would not move my beta test up, so I had to wait until 11/11/11 for it and it was 441 (14dp3dt or 17dpo). It is a great number and I am so very excited. Next beta is 11/18 and our first ultrasound is 11/25….no Black Friday shopping for us. 😉

Now of course it is super early, but finally after 5 long years I am pregnant. We are so very happy and will continue to enjoy every moment. My friends and family are over the moon. I am so lucky to have such a great support system.


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