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I finally got the chance to sit at my wheel and spin up a couple of fun, colorful yarns.  I definitely have spring on the brain I guess.

First up is Circus Parade—144 yards of dk-worsted weight Corriedale, spun from the 2oz of roving from Traveling Rhino’s October batt of the month club.

Second is my new all time favorite.  It is called Freak Show!  It is 68 yards and 4.2 whopping oz of crazy handspun goodness. A huge and chunky yarn!  There is wool, bamboo, mohair and tons of bling and glitz.  This was spun from an awesome “Oh Hell” batt from the talented HollyEQQ!  I got it from her monthly club as well.  It was so much fun to spin and see what came out of it next!!!

I am working now on more dyeing for the shop since it is pretty empty again with fibers and I am blending up my batts for a special Valentine kit I will be posting shortly.  There is only one and it will be awesome, be on the lookout!!!


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First off, thank you so much for all the well wishes, emails, etc.  It means so much to me.  I went to my family doctor yesterday and all is looking well.  He says I still need to take it easy and that it will be a few weeks before I am 100%, but I should be fine.  In 6 weeks  I will go in for a lung function test and follow up, but he doesn’t expect any issues.  So with that out of the way, I am starting to get back to normal around here.  And my swap package is in the mail, I cannot wait until she gets it.  I can’t wait to share photos and I hope she likes it as much as I do.  🙂

 I just had UPS drop off a box with FIFTEEN pounds of wool at my door, the undyed is back in my shop and I hope to get some dyepots going here either later today or tomorrow.  I am also finishing up a gorgeous skein of merino/colonial/tencel in shocking pinks, blues & shiny white….I know not exactly a fall color, but it is gorgeous!

Here is the latest skein up in the shop, perfect for this time of year:

Sangria—206 yards of merino/colonial/tencel.  Thick & Thin, perfect for a hat, scarf, small bag.

Well off to hopefully get the dyepots going and maybe some cleaning done; the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow for my big Thanksgiving cleaning, so you know I have to clean before she comes, LOL!

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I have been working on a yarn for a swap for a long time now and it is finally finished and I am so happy with it and hope my partner will be too.  It is some of my best spinning ever.  All I can share is that it is 500 yards of light sockweight and simply stunning. 

It is for the handspun swap on Craftster, where your partner chooses what type of pattern he/she would like yarn for and then you spin it for them and send it with that type of pattern.  She wanted socks and only asked for sportweight because it takes so long, but I decided to go for fingering weight and did it!  Dyed the fiber, spun it to fingering weight and now just have to set it and get the extra goodies ready.  It took quite some time (more than I expected because of being sick), but the end results were sooooo worth it. 

Speaking of being sick, I was finally feeling 100% on Wednesday and Thursday, even went to the new uniform unveiling yesterday evening for the Tampa Bay Rays and was only 8 rows away from KEVIN COSTNER as he performed with his band (yeah I didn’t know he sang either). 

It was a great night, but I woke up this morning literally gasping for breath.  I at first just thought it was a panic attack, but we quickly realized that it was more than that.  I don’t know if it is a relapse of the flu or what.  This is much different than what I had and I get short of breath just walking up one flight of stairs.  If it isn’t better at all by tomorrow I will head out to the clinic (why do these things have to happen over the weekend?).  Hopefully it is just because I pushed myself a bit too much.

So again, back to bed for me, hopefully not for too much longer.

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Here is “My So Called Scarf” that I did for my Grandma for Christmas.  I had started it a long time ago and frogged it, but restarted it and finished it in a couple of weeks.  Super easy pattern and fun to knit.  I used 1 1/2 hanks of Manos del Uruguay in an old discontinued colorway that I had in my stash.  My grandma is petite, so using it all would’ve been too much.  I am very happy with how it turned out, I just need to weave in the ends and block it (the ends flare a bit).

I also have my first finished yarn done on my new Rose…..

Autumnal–190 yards of sport to worsted weight, 2oz.  This roving is Corriedale from TravelingRhino’s kit last month (I ended up with 3 skeins from that kit, not bad!)

It isn’t as even as I would like, but for my first skein on my new wheel, I am pleased.  I am working on some BFL from Spunky Eclectic in her Burning Embers colorway and it is coming out nicely.

I packed off the Lendrum today and it is on its way to her new home in Arizona, I am sure she will be much loved and used.

Off to finish off my OTT (one tiny thing) swap on Craftster, need to get it in the mail.  🙂

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Well my Majacraft Rose was delivered yesterday in the morning.  I was so excited and promptly opened up the box, only to find that the wheel itself was damaged.  :(:(:(

And it is in the drive band groove, so that ratio cannot be used.  No damage to the box could really be found.  I contacted the Woolery and they said that they have to contact Majacraft and have them send me a new wheel from New Zealand directly, so it will take a while.  😦  Also my plying kit is backordered, hopefully that won’t be for too long.

I was able to assemble it and use it though and it is the most wonderful wheel I have ever used.  OMG it is simply amazing.  So smooth and easy to treadle.  I can spin all day on it.  The whole scotch tension is going to take some getting used to and I need to find the perfect adjustments, but boy is it nice!  I will post more photos later.

I do have 2 new yarns to share, Autumn and Halloween themed.  They were made using Travelingrhino’s FOTM kit from last month, which was AWESOME!

Spooky–98 yards-98 yards of BFL, domestic and romney wools with angelina; plied with copper thread and has ribbons and skulls added in.  For sale on Etsy!

Autumn Splendor–64 yards- BFL, domestic and romney wools with angelina; plied with copper thread and has ribbons and flowers added in.  Also on Etsy for sale!

Both skeins match and would work wonderfully together.  I love how they came out!  🙂

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A brand new Majacraft Rose spinning wheel is on its way to me.  My husband finally told me to just go ahead and purchase it, since it will work for everything I need, so I did.  Along with the plying kit and 2 extra bobbins.  I am so beyond excited.  I still haven’t sold my Lendrum ST, but will start to take offers on her, so please email me if interested @ mandalinn@gmail.com .  I cannot wait for my new wheel, hopefully she will work like I am hoping, I have heard nothing but good things.

 I have 2 new yarns to share today, including my first “art yarn”.

First up; Sea Goddess 192 yards, worsted to bulky weight, 3oz.  Fiber is Falklands Wool,Fine Merino Top, Wool/Mohair,Purple and Green Sparkle fibers and Glitz from TerraBellaSpun www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=110528 , spun by me on my Lendrum ST.  This one will probably be up in my Etsy shop shortly, I do love it to death, but have so many worsted weight yarns right now.


Next up is my first art yarn, Girl Gothic, the fiber is from HollyEQQ’s Batty Babes Club (wool, mohair, angelina, romney, BFL and silk noils) with novelties added in from my scrapbooking stash.  It is 100 yards of worsted to super bulky yarn.  Tons of sparkle on this one and super soft!

I learned a lot doing this yarn and will do much better the next time around, although I am happy with it and it will soon be a scarf for me.  🙂

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